1. Tag only what you need.

There are certain links that don't need tagging. You need not tag the organic or the unpaid keywords in the link, unless you specifically want to track organic traffic in detail. Google Ads don't need tagging if auto-tagging is enabled.

You can always use the Google URL builder so that you don't have to worry about the syntax of the links. You can directly paste links into the ad. Or you can use Optily's spreadsheet that allows you to keep an organized list of your tags as well.

3. Use only the campaign variables you need.

The URL Builder has five fields, but generally, you need to use only Campaign Source, Campaign Medium, and Campaign Name in the link. Campaign Term can be used to specify the paid search keyword. You can use Campaign Content to pass the value such as the specific ad, button, or link that was clicked.

4. Don’t send personally identifiable information

All Analytics customers are prohibited from sending any personal information to Analytics, such as names, social security numbers, email addresses, or any similar data.

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