Useful Tips: these need to be in place in order to use Optily and get your recommendations instantly

Disable all Ad Blockers

Optily works by connecting your Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Facebook Ads accounts. Having Ad Blockers can prevent this from being completed, so we’ll need you to whitelist or pause your Ad Blocker temporarily.

Ensure your Google Ads:

  • Has direct access to the ad account and not through the Manager account (previously known as The Client Centre)

  • Has Google Analytics auto-tagging enabled

  • Is linked to the same Google Analytics account

Ensure your Facebook Ads:

Recommendations: these make it super simple and easy to optimize your ads instantly

How to generate a recommendation

  • Recommendations are automatically generated for your OptiGroups when you visit the page. They can be found on the Ad Strategy page as well as by clicking on the specific OptiGroup name in the left panel and navigating to the Recommendations tab.


  • Always Apply - Once you’re comfortable with Optily, you can automate common Recommendations and let us apply them instantly once per day

  • Apply - Click this and you apply the Recommendation just this once for the selected OptiGroup

Troubleshooting: here are some common issues, but don’t forget to check out our FAQs too

Account Management

  • Please ensure you have confirmed your email after signing up (if you don’t see it, don’t forget to check your Spam)

  • You can update your account password on the Account Settings > User Settings page by clicking the Change Password button. You can update using the Forgot your Password? link under the password field on the account sign-in page

Goals and Data

Your recommendations are generated based on the Goal you selected when creating your OptiGroup. If no data for this measurement is available, it will measure against the next metric in the Goal instead.

Things to Consider

Optily does not take into account previous budget allocations as a measure of future success. It focuses on performance to-date and current minimum budget requirements when recommending the best future budget investment.

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