If you want Optily to optimize your OptiGroups against a Google Analytics goal, you need to connect a Google Analytics view that tracks transactions for all your ad campaigns. You can connect Optily to your Google Analytics view anytime after you have completed your Setup Checklist in the Account Settings > Advertiser Settings.

In Step 3 under Currency, click on the Sign in with Google button to be prompted to enter login details. Once done, you will be asked to allow Optily access to:

  • See and download your Google Analytics data

  • View and manage your Google Analytics data

Click Allow.

You will then be shown the list of accounts you have access to. Select the account, property, and view you want Optily to use for optimization. Ensure you select a view that has eCommerce tracking enabled and is in the same currency selected for the Advertiser Account and the Ad Accounts.

Then click Save & Continue.

Google Analytics goals will now be available for selection during Ad Strategy/ OptiGroup creation/ edit step.

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