When you see the message below, "You don't have any Accounts. Please create some on Google Ads." it can be a little confusing. Let's explain what exactly this means and see if we can help troubleshoot it.

What does the message mean?

The message "You don't have any Accounts. Please create some on Google Ads." effectively means that Optily can't "see" any Google Ads accounts connected to the Google user account you used to create your account.

But I DO have a Google Ads account. How do I fix this?

Suggestion 1: Make sure you used the correct account

Our first suggestion is perhaps a little obvious, but did you use the correct account? We've noticed that some users' browsers automatically pre-fill usernames and passwords for Google accounts and, if you are signed into Google before beginning the process, it's even easier.

It's easy to fix this. Simply re-authenticate the account as shown below via Account Settings > Platform Integrations and then hit "Reathenticate" to reselect the Google Account that's linked to your ad accounts.

Suggestion 2: Double-check your currency

It's important to keep in mind that all Ad accounts and GA views must have the same currency. If you select a currency when saving your preferences in "Step 2" (shown in the screenshot below), then the Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads accounts will be filtered out to ONLY show the ones that match this currency.

In the example below, I've selected AUD (Australian Dollars), so my USD Ad accounts won't be listed!

Suggestion 3: Activate Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for Google

In order to access some advertising accounts, particularly those owned by 3rd parties like clients or partners, you might need to activate 2FA for the Google User account that you are using to try to access the ad account.

It's easy to confirm this:

  • Use the same (Google user account) credentials you used in Optily

If you manage multiple accounts, you should see a list of accounts (titled "Use Google Ads as..."). From that list, select the account that is "missing" from Optily.

Do you see the image below?

Unfortunately, unless this is resolved (by adding a 2FA method to the account) then Optily, like you, won't be able to connect with the account on your behalf.

Luckily, as soon as you resolve this, the account should be available immediately in Optily.

Hope this solved your issues with connecting to Google Ads, but don't hesitate to contact us through the chatbot in the corner if you need any more help!

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